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Year: 1988 - use the form below to name people in this photo or use this Pop-up FormPop-Up Form

Pop-up FormPop-Up Form

Please help name people in this photo by filling in the form below:

Person's Name

Row Letter

Row Number

Only used to help resolve confusion about a given name


Row A
A1 David Beal 5th
A2 Richard Taylor 5th
A3 Stuart Baylis 5th
A4 Andrew Gray 5th
A5 Mrs Katey Down - French
A6 Mrs Bagnall - Bio
A8 Jeff Jones - Geo
A9 Nick Brooks - Eng B
A10 Dave Langley - Maths B
A11 Alan Shepard
A12 Peter Burgess - Comp
A13 Mike Donnan - Eng A
A14 Roger Peters - Chem
A15 Philip Peaster
A16 David Peaster - Head
A17 Jane Peaster - Matron
A18 Gerry Warriner
A19 Stu Collins - PE
A20 William Owen
A21 Mike Coldwell - Maths
A22 ? Grifths - Comp
A23 Violet Adair - Sec
A24 Pauline James - Sec
A26 Ruth Hillier - music
A27 Toby Mountjoy 5th
A28 Angus Mathews 5th
A29 Lee Mottram 5th
A30 John Brown 5th
Row B
B1 Jay Forrest
B2 Ann-Marie Curtis
B3 Callum Savage
B4 Kim Monaghan
B5 Mark Briggs (?)
B6 Calvin Haggis
B7 Graham Matten
B8 Tim Chalmers 2nd
B9 Steve Merrett
B10 Paul Turner 3rd
B11 Richard Martin 3rd
B12 Collin Bliss 3rd
B13 Nick Chalmers 3rd
B14 Martin Plimer 3rd
B15 Mark Gibbon 3rd
B16 Derek Brady 5th
B17 David Brown 5th
B18 Lee Rowland 4th
B19 Norman Thornton 4th
B21 Michael Moffatt 4th
B22 Andrew Davies 4th
B23 Paul Watson 4th
B24 Jason Kendall 4th
B25 Ian Newbold 2nd
B26 Mark Petit 2nd
B27 Derek Tipple 2nd
B28 Richard Longhurst 2nd
B29 Matthew Dunn 2nd
B30 Marcella Bettridge
B31 Lee Forrest
B32 Lisa Mohammet
Row C
C1 Gail Edwards
C2 Liz Turner
C3 Nick Anderson
C4 Douglas Jones
C5 Paul Galley 3rd
C6 Mark Leigh 3rd
C7 Alex Tooms 3rd
C8 Myles Randall
C9 Ruth Hodges
C10 Jess Mountjoy
C11 Giddion Milard 3rd
C12 Duncan Roger 3rd
C13 Dicky Holdsworth 3rd
C14 John Jennings 3rd
C15 Stu Mackinlay (sp?) 3rd
C16 Phil Muir - 3rd
C17 Daryl Browne 5th
C18 Steven Beale 5th
C19 Andrew Beaton 4th
C20 Robert French 4th
C21 Paul Long 4th
C22 Marcus Jones 4th
C23 Phil Tarr 4th
C25 Julian Makey 4th
C26 Justin Cooper 2nd
C27 Carl Barnard 2nd
C28 Dean Lawrence 2nd
C29 ?? Chris Spaul ??
C30 Andrew Beal 2nd
C31 ?? Clare Newbold ??
C33 Mark Defoe (sp?)
Row D
D2 Dean Thomas
D3 ?? Cameron Stonehouse ??
D4 Phillip Ward
D5 James Bugler 3rd
D6 Paul Thornton 3rd
D7 Mike Baldwin
D8 Louise Jones
D9 Paul Wilcoxson
D10 Darren Sadkowski 3rd
D11 Sandra Thomas 3rd
D12 Ben Honeyands 3rd
D13 Damian Eyre 3rd
D14 Robert Alcock 3rd
D15 Andrew Shelton 3rd
D16 Geraint Bowen 5th
D17 Robert Shobrook 5th
D18 Adrian Norton
D19 Ben Fallis
D20 Andrew Mora 4th
D21 Robert Graham 4th
D22 Robert Ward 4th
D23 Ranald McCauley 4th
D24 Scott Davis 4th
D25 Guy Wilson 2nd
D26 Danny Miles 2nd
D27 Robert Wright 2nd
D28 Chris Thomas 2nd
D31 Simon Weetch
Row E
E1 Mark Quelch
E2 Jenny Owen
E5 Andrea Gibson
E6 Carl Walker
E7 Joanne Woodhouse
E8 Jennifer Tipple
E9 Alison Wright
E10 Nickola Cook 3rd
E11 James O'Halloran 3rd
E12 Jamie Gilbert 3rd
E13 Michael Blake 3rd
E14 David Goddard 3rd
E15 Nick Russell 3rd
E16 Kevin Murray 5th
E17 David Apps 5th
E18 Jason Barlow 4th
E19 Marcus Angel 4th
E20 Diane Scott
E21 Joel Devlin 4th
E22 Matthew Brown 4th
E23 Guy Taylor 4th
E24 Sam Randall 4th
E26 Michelle Jones 2nd
E27 Simon Kimberley 2nd
E28 James Sergeant 2nd
E29 Michael Shelton 2nd
E31 Virginie Whiteway-Wilkinson
E32 Lauren Hulston
Row F
F1 Ann Marie Corcoran
F2 ?? Lin Edwards ??
F3 Riley Piss-Mills
F5 Mark Haggis
F6 Ian Hunt
F7 Paul Wilcoxson
F8 Nick Turner 2nd
F9 Sian Shelton
F10 Michelle Long 3rd
F11 Neil Dunn 3rd
F12 Zara Duffield 3rd
F13 Michelle Arnott 3rd
F14 Fiona Benford 3rd
F15 Sandra Scott 3rd
F16 Richard Blake 5th
F17 Brett Jones 5th
F18 David Westwell 5th
F19 John Clifton 4th
F20 Ian Fitton 4th
F21 Duncan Hill 4th
F22 Neil Walsh (?)
F23 Phil Nuttle 4th
F24 Liz Ayres 4th
F25 Simon Coombe 4th
F26 Nathan Angel 2nd
F27 Steve Rowland 2nd
F28 Mark Gibson 2nd
F29 Dave Gibson 2nd
F30 Patricia Benford
F31 Neil Haggis
F32 Sean White ??
Row G
G1 Mathew Bowen
G2 Ben Enyon
G3 Luke Leigh
G4 Kevin Riches
G5 Chris ?? 5th
G6 Brian Parkin 5th
G7 Paul Dumphy 5th
G8 Sean Benford 4th
G9 Mark Buxey 4th
G10 Ben Whiteway-Wilkinson
G11 John Harding 4th
G12 Neil Walsh 4th
G13 Marc Ollis 4th
G14 Gareth ?

The names given in the above table have been inputted by members of the Quantock Community and may contain errors, typos, factual inaccuracies and other incorrect information!! I accept no responsibility for this data, but will change any entry if requested to do so !!!! Please Contact Mike at